Log Cabin Democrat's Sunday Business
Spring-Summer 2015

Reformatted in early 2015, the Sunday Business section of the Log Cabin Democrat through that summer included more local business news.

It also featured recurring features such as Week in Review, Industry Movers & Shakers, Building Permits, Five-Day Stock Shifts and a weekly business column. Content for the section was created throughout the week and laid out on the pages into the weekend to account for any late-breaking  news. Riddle Me This, a weekly column written by Riddle, got to the heart of what Faulkner County residents were interested in, and answered reader-submitted business questions floating around in the rumor mill. Below are a few samples of his work:

The Echo's Coverage of the University of Central Arkansas' Homecoming
Fall 2013

Once a tradition of The Echo, a homecoming section spotlighting the University of Central Arkansas' annual event returned in 2013.

Riddle co-led its return as part of the university's student newspaper, planning what elements to cover and how those components would appear on pages. 

The special section, which was inserted into The Echo's weekly edition, was widely praised by alumni for its thorough coverage of game day, the homecoming court and front page design, which incorporated a dominant photograph of the homecoming queen in an atypical style for the newspaper.